Honorary Life Fellow Award

The Connellan Airways Trust established its Honorary Life Fellow Award on 12 December 2008 to recognise ‘extraordinary, distinctive, long-term service to the Trust’.

CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY ‘Chris’ CONNELLAN CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY ‘Chris’ CONNELLAN contributed to the Trust as a Trustee for a period of 25 years from its inception in June 1981. He embodied its historic character and purpose, personifying, and giving effect to, his father’s founding vision for the Trust. Chris brought to the Trust table a singular dedication and tenacity. He had a particular bent to be the devil’s advocate, which was helpful. Chris’ contribution to the Trust’s affairs was momentous. His unique perspectives and strong presence, in the context of his feel for the Trust’s ethos, will be irreplaceable.

ROBERT FRANCIS ‘Fred’ HOCKLEY ROBERT FRANCIS ‘Fred’ HOCKLEY served as a Trustee for 23½ years from 7 June 1984. Fred’s service involved conscientious and dedicated input into the Trust’s affairs, with a specialist contribution coming from his well-informed background in education in general, and the means of delivering it in the Outback in particular. This resulted in Fred having a special empathy for relevant needs, balanced with a critical eye for what assistance was appropriate.

ROBERT EDWARD ‘Bob’ LEE ROBERT EDWARD ‘Bob’ LEE played a vital and significant role as the Trust’s first Executive Officer, serving over a period of 17 years from 4 September 1991. Bob’s service was particularly notable for its efficiency and dedication, also for being grounded upon his considerable experience of, and consequent understanding of, the people of remote Outback Australia. Bob is a straight shooter, and he provided an intuitive, pragmatic touchstone for Trustees.

MAXWELL FERRIS ‘Max’ HORTON OAM MAXWELL FERRIS ‘Max’ HORTON OAM contributed to the Trust as a Trustee and Director for a period of 33 years, having served the Trust since its foundation in 1981 and as Chairman from 1987.  Over the years he was well aware of the need and support that was required to advance the Outback into this century.

Max’s involvement was significant, not only for the extended time served but for the personal expertise, integrity and leadership he contributed to the Trust, with specialist contribution coming from his knowledge and skills as a solicitor and long term resident of the Northern Territory.

Under his chairmanship the Trust has grown to be a recognised organisation that has changed to include all residents of Outback Australia and is well positioned to accomplish more.

kayeclapin   KAYE CLAPIN  was a Director of the Trust from 2002 until 2008. Following this Kaye provided exemplary services as the Executive Officer until her retirement in July 2019. Her passion, drive and dedication to people in isolated and rural Outback Australia has positively impacted so many people. Kaye contributed to the Trust with compassion and provided valued guidance having closely related to those served by the Trust having personal experience living and working in the outback.

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